Providing inspiring spaces that enhance quality of life

Who We Are

HNR is a property owner and landlord based in downtown Toronto. We provide both commercial and residential spaces that are friendly, safe, organized, dependable, well-designed, and tailored to the needs of our tenants.

We see the role of HNR not only as that of a fair and professional landlord, but also as a collaborative community stakeholder contributing to the ongoing vibrancy of Toronto. HNR is an active member of the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Association (BIA), and our team is dedicated to building new community and business relationships for the future of the downtown core and beyond. From offices and retail spaces to apartments and amenities, we invest in creating high quality spaces through design excellence, heritage conservation, and proactive maintenance.

What We Offer

Design & Heritage

We are proud to be contributing to both the heritage conservation of the Downtown Yonge historic district, as well as thoughtful new design and infill development, which serves to bring even more activity to the neighbourhood. By restoring and reimaging historic buildings, we’re not only conserving our city’s valuable cultural heritage, but also providing tenants with unique spaces that foster creativity. For all our properties, we engage award-winning architecture firms as well as expert contractors to deliver beautiful, durable, flexible, sustainable, and inspiring places to work, live, and enjoy. We care about the well-being of our tenants and community, which means investing in every detail from historic features to contemporary design excellence.
public art installation in windows of historic 21 dundas square

proactive maintenance

The key first step for our properties is investing in high-quality design and construction. The next is ensuring they continuously operate smoothly.  Whether we’re providing an engaging retail space or agile office environment, we understand that the quality of the place has significant impact on our tenants experience.  We work collaboratively with our partners, consultants, and clients to understand the goals and needs of each, allowing our property management team to take a proactive and preventative approach to every space so that they are well maintained. The demand for exceptional, central, urban commercial spaces is ever increasing in Toronto, and it is our mission to elevate each property we offer to the highest standard.
restored heritage interior of 211 yonge street

Community Placemaking

We recognize that vibrant, diverse, and welcoming communities are what make Toronto a world-class inspiring city. At Dundas Square alone, we enjoy daily conveniences like seating and wi-fi at lunch, as well as design touches that make the location truly unique. We have concerts, markets, polar bear swims, street performers, film shoots, film screenings, and community events from a huge diversity of cultures. In short, our neighbourhood benefits from a kind of energy that can only come from hundreds of thousands of people converging on a single site, every day. We are proud to be part of this exciting community, and happy to enjoy all it has to offer. We’re dedicated to working with our local business owners and residents to create culturally, socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable places for people.
entrance of velocity at the square

Our Team

Together our team offers a diverse set of perspectives, expertise, and professional skills. We work collaboratively with each other and our community, with a commitment to mutual respect and integrity.
Sathi Kugan portrait

Anna Samoilova

Operations Administrative Assistant
Staff portrait of Gloria

Gloria Jeganathan

Senior Property Administrator
Staff portrait of John

John Worton

Maintenance Supervisor
Najib Rahma- Chief Operating Officer

Najib Rahma

Chief Operating Officer
portrait of Nandanie

Nandanie Singh

Sathi Kugan portrait

Pooya Babazadeh Khameneh

Building Operator
Sathi Kugan portrait

Sathi Kugan

Sathi Kugan portrait


Community Involvement

Office Floor 12 Interior

The Oculus Revitalization

The Oculus Revitalization aims to transform a derelict space-age pavilion in South Humber Park into a vibrant place for art and recreation. HNR is proud to be sponsoring this creative community initiative, led by ACO and Giaimo as part of Park People’s Public Space Incubator program.
heritage interpretation in window of 211 yonge

Change Comes From Within

At a point where tenancy was transferring at our properties, we recognized an opportunity for the storefronts to be used as a public gallery. We commissioned window installations that highlight the history of these buildings, acting as both community art and heritage interpretation.
art installation at 21 dundas square

A Colourful Past

HNR’s 19 Dundas Square building hosted a large scale public art installation, A Colourful Past, as part of DesignTO Festival 2021. The vibrant light, patterns, and bold colours across 8 storeys highlight how the cultural history and story of the site can be told through art and architecture.